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Brothers Daniel and Gareth Page, began The Locksmiths of Twickenham over ten years ago.  It was while working for a large locksmith firm that they both decided to start their own security business, offering competative prices with a friendly and approachable manner.  After years in the industry, they understand that home security is essential and will aim to give you peace of mind after a break in, a prompt response to a lockout or just simple, honest security advice.


To discuss your home or business security needs, please contact Daniel or Gareth youer local Locksmith Twickenham on


020 89450010

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The Locksmiths of Twickenham are an established, family run, local locksmith company, with over 10 years of experience in the trade, we strive to respond to emergency local lockouts within 15 minutes.


Our Locksmith Twickenham service provide a professional lock replacement and upgrade service as well as emergency burglary repairs including door and frame carpentry, safe opening and door and window reinforcement. Our company vehicles are fully stocked with a wide range of locks to suit all budgets as well as key cutting facilities.


We pride ourselves in our exceptional attention to detail, fine workmanship and punctuality. For further information on services provided, please click here.


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